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Summer Camp
Camp Naper
Camp Naper

Summer is a time for adventures -
and Camp Naper is the place to have them!
Is your child an explorer, detective, artist or all of the above? Camp Naper has programs that are sure to delight and engage. Our summer day camps put your child right in the center of the action and are supervised by experienced, adult counselors. Best of all — they’ll have so much fun, they won’t even realize how much they’re learning.

Naper Settlement’s Camp Naper 2014 Schedule

Sampling of Summer Fun (Part 1) - June 16-20 
9 am to 3 pm, $45/day or $200/wk, grades 1-6
This is a week of fun, hands-on day camps that campers can sign up for individually or for the whole week.
June 16 - Fizzy, Gooey, Soaring Science 
Put on your scientist goggles to mix up a batch of ice cream,  make gooey slime, design a sound machine and launch a rocket. 
June 17 - Everyday is Earth Day 
Soil Sammy will be your guide for hands-on environmental experiments. 
June 18 - Recycled Art
Beautify the world by creating useable art from repurposed items. 
June 19 - Geocaching and Letterboxing
Locate hidden caches using GPS devices and solve riddles to find letterboxes. 
June 20 - Sundials to Satellites
Get lost and found on the museum grounds during a fun orienteering challenge.

More Samplings (Part 2) - July 21-25
9 am to 3 pm, $45/day or $200/wk, grades 1-6 
Another week of fun, hands-on day camps that campers can sign up for individually or for the whole week.
July 21 - Dig It!  
Get your hands dirty by digging up artifacts and sifting through history to uncover the past.
July 22 - Edison, Newton & You
Explore how science and history come together in this hands-on camp.
July 23 - Pioneer Day
Travel back to the 1830s and explore life as a pioneer kid. 
July 24 - Victorian Life
Spend the day as a Victorian child, as we explore what life was like back in the 1890s. 
July 25 - Chautauqua 
The museum becomes a site for an all day reading, writing and music celebration. 

Treasure Hunters - June 23-27 and July 14-18 
9 am to 3 pm, $200/wk, grades 1-6
Use clues, maps, compasses and high-tech GPS devices to track down hidden treasures throughout our 12-acre grounds. 

Secret Seekers - June 23-27, July 14-18
9 am to 3 pm, $200/wk, grades 3-6
Trolleys, paddleboats and hiding spots downtown highlight this exciting behind-the-scenes camp. Curious campers will guess the gadget and venture into the Mansion Basement. 

Drip, Scribble, Sketch - June 30-July 1

9 am to 3 pm, $90/camper, grades 1-6
The museum’s 12 acres are your blank canvas as you paint, sketch and make prints of blooming gardens and historic buildings. 

Geo Quest - June 30-July 1
9 am to 3 pm, $90/camper, grades 4-8
Experience the evolution of scavenger hunts from Letterboxing to Geocaching. Solve clues using traditional and technological orienteering. 

Treasure Hunters Extreme - July 7-11 and July 28-August 1
9 am to 3 pm, $200/wk, grades 1-6
Get ready for summer sleuthing! Search for clues and examine evidence armed with a detective’s notepad, GPS and a magnify glass. 

Practically Picasso - July 28-29
9 am to 3 pm, $90/camper, grades 3-6
Move beyond the canvas and pencil to focus on sculptures, textiles and other mediums in art. 

Civil War Camp - July 31-August 2
(overnight on August 1 to morning of August 2) 
9 am to 3 pm July 31, 9 a.m. Aug. 1 through 9 a.m. Aug. 2
$170/camper; $35/parent for overnight, grades 6-8
Immerse yourself in the life of a soldier. Practice military drills, cook over open fire and camp overnight on the grounds! There’s even an option for a parent to join the fun.  Camp Naper Registration Form Camp Naper Detailed Schedule
Camp Naper Registration Form

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