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All Hallows Eve

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1. What age groups would enjoy All Hallows Eve?
2. Can I wear my Halloween costume to All Hallows Eve?

Century Memorial Chapel Weddings

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1. What is length of runner needed in the chapel?
2. How many people will the chapel seat?
3. How much does it cost to rent the chapel?
4. Is the chapel air-conditioned?
5. Are candles permitted in the chapel?
6. What is the address of the chapel?
7. Where can guests park for my ceremony?
8. Are decorations allowed?

Donate to the Collections

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1. How do I donate an artifact?
2. What does the Naperville Heritage Society collect?
3. What happens after I contact the Registrar?
4. How are proffered materials reviewed by the museum?
5. How long will it take for the museum to review my donation?
6. Will the Naperville Heritage Society provide an appraisal for my donation?
7. Can I take a tax deduction for my donation?
8. Will the Naperville Heritage Society exhibit my donated items?
9. If I donate materials to the Naperville Heritage Society (NHS), will they be returned upon my request?
10. If the museum will not accept my item as a donation, will they accept it as a long-term loan?

Historic Structures Plaque Program

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1. What is a Naperville Heritage Society Historic Structures plaque?
2. Does my home or business qualify?
3. Will the plaque restrict remodeling or renovations I plan to do?

Plan Your Visit

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1. What are your hours and rates?
2. Where are you located?
3. Do you have rooms available to rent for receptions and meetings?

Programs - Teacher Information

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1. Is Naper Settlement accessible to people with disabilities?
2. Will we be the only group visiting?
3. What is the cancellation policy for your school programs?
4. Can we take photographs or videos during our visit?
5. Does Naper Settlement offer programs that can take place in my school?


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1. How do I become a volunteer?
2. Do I have to dress in period clothing?
3. Do I have to buy a costume?
4. Is there a dress code?
5. What skills or qualities can Idevelop as a result of volunteer at Naper Settlement?
6. What type of orientations or training do volunteers receive?

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