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Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith Shop reconstruction was modeled after a shop originally built by the Stroecker family in the latter part of the 19th century and last used by Johnny Hauser in the early 20th century. Built of native stone from local quarries, this shop's construction was designed and engineered by volunteer Les Schrader. The forge, anvil and a majority of the tools were used for over fifty years by Henry Wohead until 1978, when his shop on Olsen Lane closed as the last working blacksmith shop in town.

Building Use
Dedicated into the business section of the settlement grounds in 1983, the shop interprets the role of the blacksmith in the village at the turn of the 19th century. The visitor is given the opportunity to hear the ring of the anvil, smell the burning coal in the forge and see the handiwork of a typical blacksmith. Every village and town needed a blacksmith for the variety of items he made and repaired, including household implements, farm tools, building supplies and horseshoes. In the Blacksmith Shop today, visitors can see more wares made by the village blacksmith.

Volunteers & Donors
Appreciation is extended to the Wohead Family for sharing these original materials and for Les' determination to see this working shop in action again to be enjoyed by those who visit Naper Settlement. View all volunteers and donors who contributed to the Blacksmith Shop.

  Blacksmith Shop  Blacksmith Shop  Blacksmith Shop

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