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Businesses of a Bygone Era
Many businesses have called Naperville home over the years. This collection features items from businesses that are no longer around today.

Hillgas Hardware Calendar  Miniature Calendar, made for Hillegas Hardware in Naperville, with calendar for 1888-1887
W.W. Wickel Almanac Pocket Almanac, made for W.W. Wickel & Co. in Naperville, 1899
Buttonhook Buttonhook, made for Collins & Durran in Naperville, circa 1900
Matchbook Matchbook, made for Fidler's in Naperville, late 20th century
Mechanical Pencil Mechanical Pencil, made for the Sports Bowl in Naperville, late 20th century
Ruler Ruler, made for Moser Lumber in Naperville, late 20th century
Needle Case Needle Case, made for the First National Bank of Naperville, late 19th century
Dish Commemorative Dish, made for William C. Hiltenbrand in Naperville, early 1900s
Ashtray Ashtray, made for Netzley's in Naperville, late 20th century
Pocket Insert Pocket Insert, made for Rife Cleaners in Naperville, 1964 

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