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The Dolls of Matie Egermann
Matie Egermann became librarian of Naperville's Nichols Library in 1909, a job which she held for 41 years. Over the years, she amassed an enormous collection of more than 500 dolls and displayed them at the library. They were given to Matie by relatives and friends, who brought her dolls from all over the world.

Baby Doll  Baby Doll, with bisque head, cloth stuffed body and composition arms and legs, 1925
Chinese Doll  Doll, Chinese, with wooden head and carved painted features, 1942 or 1943
Baby Doll  Baby Doll, German, with bisque head and cardboard body, 1924
China Doll  Doll, with china head, stuffed cloth body and bisque limbs, 1938
Matryoshka Dolls  Set of Matryoshka Dolls, painted wood, circa 1920
Bisque Doll  Doll, with bisque head, mohair wig and composition body and limbs, 1929
Japanese Doll  Doll, Japanese, with gofun covered composition head, hair wig, muslin stuffed body and paper, circa 1905
Indian Doll  Doll, Indian, with molded cloth head, mohair wig and cloth limbs, 1945
Skookum Doll  Doll, “Skookum,” with composition head and mohair wig, 1923 
Greek Doll  Doll, Greek, with composition face and straw stuffed cloth body and limbs, 1949

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